Magnetic Drill (1 Speed) 1-38mm

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Single speed magnetic drill with a powerful electromagnetic base for drilling highly accurate holes in steel plates and castings. We also have a larger 2 speed magnetic drill for hire.

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HSS Core Cutters and Twist Bits are available on a sale or return basis.

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Product Description

Magnetic drills, sometimes called broachers or broaching drills are used when drilling into heavy steel sections when a handheld drill would be insufficient. They incorporate a powerful electromagnetic base that when energised keeps the machine in a precise position, allowing the operator to apply a steady and consistent force, resulting in very accurate, burr-free holes.

This single speed machine will drill 12-38mm holes with HSS core cutters, or 1-13mm holes with HSS twist bits. Cutter and bits are available on a sale or return basis.


Model Alfra Piccolo 38/50 B
Cutting Capacities:
  Core Cutter12-38 mm
  Twist Drill1-13 mm
  Cutting Depth50 mm
  Counter Bore10-40 mm
Input Power1100 W
Load RPM450 RPM
Tool Holder19 mm Weldon Arbor
Stroke129 mm + 86 mm
Voltage110 V
Magnetic Adhesion9000 N
Magnetic Foot70 x 185 mm
Weight10.6 kg


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