Bumpa Hoist (8m Electric)

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The 8m Bumpa hoist is specifically designed to assist builders and roofers in lifting roof tiles, slates, bricks & blocks, rolls of felt & lead, mortar, etc quickly and safely up to roof or scaffold.

The 110v electric motor powers a continuously moving belt fitted with material supports at regular intervals, there is no need to return empty containers for reloading. You can clear a pallet of concrete blocks in under two minute or 1,000 tiles in 25 minutes, as long as you have someone at the top and bottom, to load and unload.

This building materials lift also has a powered reverse feature to help return unused or salvage material quickly and efficiently back down to the ground.

The tile conveyor is quick and easy to erect, and can be up and running within 10 minutes – read the Operating Guide in the Downloads section below for full details.

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Mace Industries Bumpa Hoist – Mace Industries Product Demo


Mace Industries Bumpa Hoist – Product Demo


ModelBumpa 8m Electric
Maximum working height7.0m
Machine weight103kg
Maximum payload overall80kg
Maximum carrier payload20kg
Belt speed20m/min
Maximum angle65°
Electric motor0.75kw – 110v
Storage dimensions (Flat – L x W x H)4.30m x 0.6m x 0.83m
Noise emissions (A weighted)>75dB



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    Manufacturer’s – Safety & Operating Guide – Mace Industries 8m Electric Bumpa Hoist