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The BKOOL24 is an industrial air conditioner suitable for cooling computer rooms, data centres, factories, open plan offices or any situation where large amounts of cooling are required.

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    A brief guide why using 2 Condenser hoses is far more efficient

    Problem with using just 1 hose:
    During the process of producing cool air, the internal condenser needs to be cooled down. This is achieved by drawing air from the room and passing it over the condenser. This air is then heated up by the condenser and has to be vented outside the room you are trying to cool of course, and this is done with the 5m Condenser Outlet Hose.

    Venting all this hot air out of the room creates a low air pressure inside the room. No room is perfectly sealed, so to equalise the pressure, hot air from outside is continuously drawn through door frames and a multitude of other tiny gaps in the room. So all the nice cool air you are producing is slowly being warmed back again with the warm air rushing in from outside.

    The solution is quite simple, a 5m Condenser Inlet Hose is connected to the condenser via an adaptor, and is used to draw air from outside the room, and is fed directly over the condenser. This keeps the air pressure in the room the same as outside, and stops warm air from outside being drawn into the room as described above.

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Product Description

Air Conditioning Explained

Heat is a form of energy, cooling is a means of transferring the heat from one object to another. In the case of air conditioning, sensible heat is removed from the indoor space and replaced with cooler air, and the warm air removed is exhausted outside the space being conditioned. This process gradually reduces / maintains the inside temperature. Air Conditioning is most commonly used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment, typically for humans or animals. However, air conditioning is also used to cool rooms filled with heat-producing electronic items, such as computer server rooms. Spot Coolers allow the cool air to be directed towards specific objects or people.

An ACU (Air Conditioning Unit) consists of a motor-compressor unit, a refrigerant condenser, two air circulating fans, a refrigerated surface, a means of collecting and disposing the condensed moisture and a cabinet to house these components.

The evaporator fan draws air through the refrigerated surface cooling it and removing moisture which is collected and led away. This air is then returned to the room at a much colder temperature providing the cooling effect and with a lower relative humidity than when the air entered the unit. Continuous circulation of the room air through the ACU evaporator gradually reduces the temperature and relative humidity in the room. The condenser fan draws air over the hot condenser which keeps the refrigerated surface cold. This air
stream should ideally be ducted out of the area being cooled as it will leave the unit much warmer than the air entering the unit.

A digital thermostat is included which allows for precise temperature control. A programmable display lets you set a specific desired temperature level.

The BKOOL24 is a rugged, reliable cooling unit designed to operate effectively over a broad range of temperatures. A defrost system, controlled by a frostat, guarantees de-icing and thereby optimising operation at low temperatures.

The unit incorporates a welded steel chassis and is finished in epoxy coated steel covers for resilience to damage caused by rough handling.

The BKOOL24 has a number of special features:

  • Defrost system
  • Large water container for moisture removed
  • Provision for condensate pump drainage
  • Exterior epoxy powder-coated finish
  • Large durable castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Status Indicators
  • Digital Thermostat Controller
  • High and low pressure cut outs


Input Power(kW)3.0
Cooling Capacity (BTU)24,000
Cooling Capacity (kW)7.0
Evaporator Airflow (m3/hr)950
Condenser Airflow (m3/hr)1,900
Water Container Capacity (lts)4
Sound Level (dbA)72
Condenser Outlet Duct Dia (mm)310
Cool Air Outlets – Qty / Dia (mm)2 / 100
Min Operating Temp (°C)18
Max OperatingTemp (°C)35
Width x Depth x Height (mm)500 x 740 x 1280
Weight (kg)103


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