Wallpaper Stripper

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This professional wallpaper steamer will remove all wallpaper types including multi-layered, painted and Artex®

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    A brief guide on how to remove wallpaper using a steam stripper

    Step 1

    Protecting the floor is essential before you get started. When stripping wallpaper it can be a bit of a messy job with debris falling to the floor. Use a polythene dust sheets wherever possible as there is usually a great deal of water around.


    You can score the wallpaper with a wallpaper perforator (available for hire) but be careful not to damage the wall and plaster underneath. This isn’t essential but doing this it will assist the water steam to penetrate through the wallpaper a little quicker.

    Step 2

    Set up the wallpaper stripper by following the simple manual and filling the system with water from the tap. Once the heating element has warmed to the point of steam it can be applied to the wall. Start from the top of the wall and work your way down – best to use a ladder for the higher sections. Hold the steam plate on the wallpaper for a few minutes but no longer. The steam is super-hot, if it’s held to a surface for too long it will cause damage. The steam penetrates through the wallpaper to the old adhesive underneath moistening it enough to loosen the paper from the wall.

    Step 3

    Remove the wallpaper and if needed use a scrapper or stripping knife to lift it off the wall. When putting the scraper between the paper and the wall be careful not to be too heavy handed and damage the wall underneath. Pull away the wallpaper and clear as you go, as the wallpaper will have a sticky residue.

    You will need:

    • Wallpaper Stripper
    • Polythene Dust Sheets
    • Wallpaper Scrapper / Stripping Knife
    • Wallpaper Perforator (optional)


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Product Description

The LCS Pro Steam® is a professional wallpaper steamer that is compact yet powerful for frequent stripping use. It will remove all wallpaper types including multi-layered, painted and Artex®. No messing around, this wallpaper stripper gets the job done, a professionally rated unit that is hardwearing and durable, a must have for the professional painter and decorator.

Wallpaper Stripper Features

  • Rated 110V (1760W) and 230V (2750W) for rapid heating up
  • Steam time: 90 mins for the 230v and 195 mins for 110v unit before refilling
  • Integrated handle for easy carrying
  • Large 7.5 litres aluminium anodised tank
  • Large steam plate (330mm x 250mm) for quick wallpaper removal
  • Small steam plate (150mm x 75mm) for restricted areas (optional extra)
  • Anti-kink 5.0m steam hose
  • Long 5.0m cable
  • Exterior water level indicator
  • Convenient on-board storage for cable, hose and steam plate
  • Makes light work out of big jobs
  • Rugged construction for durable, reliable on-site use
  • Lightweight 7.33 kg for easy carrying


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