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The C14 is one of the most powerful walk behind rotavators available today with it’s 12hp Lombardini Diesel including electric start. It’s ideal for landscape contractors, nurseries and other professional users, as it is capable of easily tackling any rotavating task that can be thrown at it.

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    A brief guide to help you choose the right machine

    So you've decided you need a rotavator, but which one do you need? There are many different sizes available, so where do you start?

    We offer 3 different sizes of rotavator, and below is a summary of them to help you decide

    5hp Rotavator

    5hp Rotavator for hire

    This machine that has the tines at the side which help to propel the machine through the ground. It's perfect for digging over small vegetable plots and garden borders and will happily dig previously cultivated ground. It isn't suitable for virgin ground which would require a more powerful machine such as the 8hp rotavator.

    8hp Rotavator

    8hp Rotavator for hire

    This is the ideal machine for customers looking for a powerful yet simple to use rotavator that will create a fine tilth in even previously uncultivated ground. It is a gear-driven unit with the tines at the rear and is suitable for most cultivating tasks. It is perfect for landscape contractors who work in hard environments as well as allotment holders/associations and smallholders who are working ground for the first time.

    12hp Rotavator

    12hp Rotavator for hire

    The perfect machine for the professional landscaper, local authority and smallholder. It’s the largest machine in our range and is ideal for professional users who need a machine that can easily tackle any rotavating task thrown at it.

    Effectively, a larger version of the 8hp, it come with a powerful 12hp Lombardini diesel engine. It also offers the additional features of a differential, 2 working speeds, 2 rotor speeds and a large 28” working width. The large wheels, differential and steering brakes ensure that the machine is very well balanced and easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces.

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